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Re: Checking in
« Reply #45 on: January 09, 2020, 08:34:50 AM »
Regardless of reason, It's always a little sad to me when I read or hear someone has quit sledding.

I could still ride but don't trust that I could control myself and not end up in the middle of nowhere with a dislocation.   

Look me up if you are up this way, I still drink beer...I'm sure some of you still have my number.

Keweenaw, Good to see you post again.  it may not be all that long and we all will be on here talking about how we used to ride and how great it was.

Still think about it as sleds are zipping past work daily.   Drove up the to stop sign by Gino's in Hancock the other day and let 3 or 4 sleds cross in front of me and then pulled into the exhaust cloud to take it in.   Ah the memories.

Lost a good friend last winter on a sled, and that was pretty much the kicker for me and thoughts of maybe getting back and just trail riding.   He was hit by a car on the last road crossing before coming into Hancock from the North.   Instantly killed.   He was the slowest most conservative rider I have ever seen.  Sad.

Sorry to hear that. I always said, if something tragic like that ever happened, I'd be out too....
Now, I have my two sons in it with me and that seems to be all I think about while we ride together. Generally speaking, our trail system in the Southern UP is pretty safe, lots of road crossings, but we know the are well and we take precautions as best as we can.