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Well hello all

Started by snopork, Jul 11, 2023, 08:17 PM

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Snopork here- update on the family front.  My Middle daughter is in Phoenix designing jewelry for a custom shop.  She got married on 2/22/2022 and ruined a week of prime snowmobiling.  My youngest Daughter got hired as an air traffic controller(like I used to BE) and started in Houston at the Air traffic control center on 01/15/2022. So I spent 10 days in Houston during prime sled season.  The winter of 2023 went unscathed - my brother bought a place on Lac Vieux Desert(headwaters of the wisconsin river in Phelps, WI) so last year we spent time traveling back and forth with saddle bags between Mercer, Wi and Land-o-Lakes, WI. Fun stuff.  Greek Boy and I could not get on the same schedule and meet up even tho Lando is close to his UP domain.  So, this year My youngest Jacob, who you may remember from pics at a summer gathering at my airport house, as a diapered baby in my arms, is now set to start a new career as an air traffic controller also.  If all works out he will start at the New York Terminal Approach Control in Westbury, New YorK on Long Island(also the site of the movie "Pushing Tin") in late January of 2024.  Another Blown week or so of sledding.  Alas, I may have to partake of some east coast crabcakes or something.  Goodwrench has his pilots license and is working on being told where to go by his brother, sister and cousin(Nate-Tommie's son In Memphis Air Traffic Control Center). That's it - I'm retired from the gubmint and working for a Ford dealership parttime-kinda and probably spending time in arizona, texas and NY

rage-n renegade

Glad you stopped back here, snopork.   Sounds like you've been busy!

T hillrider

Wow good to see Ultimate Snowmobiler back. I happened to click on one of my favorites links and here it is again. Well it's been a hot summer and the boat has been getting a workout but I'm definitely looking forward to cooler weather. Some sled shows and grass drags are on my fall schedule and am looking forward to them. Lets hope this winter cooperates  !


Hello ! Still sledding. Kay my condolences.


I'm Backkkk!
Hello All!
Thanks K! Our deepest condolences on the loss of D...
No longer riding sleds... On two wheels now. I think I posted a few years ago that we sold the cabin on Tug Hill...
No regrets other than missing the great people we met during our time there and on this page!

T hillrider

Good to see Phantom / Wayne back. Hope others join also !