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We're Back

Started by rage-n renegade, Jul 07, 2023, 11:29 PM

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rage-n renegade

Hello, everyone!  We're back!  (sorry for being down so long)  We're re-starting with a clean slate, so I apologize but everyone will need to re-register.

I'm so sorry for the downtime, but when COVID made the site crash I just lost motivation to get things back and running the way they were.  I did get the forum back up and running for a time, but all hell broke loose here for me last winter and I just didn't have the motivation for anything.  My husband passed away and I was just going to shut this down.  :(    But I'm getting bored so here we are back up and running again with a fresh start on a new server! 

I hope some of the long-time, and short-time members return to this site, as well as new members.  I'd like to be able to engage in some conversation again.  It's been far too long!!

I know a lot has changed for everyone, myself included.  I don't ride much anymore, but still have the sleds (for now).  I still enjoy seeing everyone else's posts and pictures/videos from their adventures.

Please remember to be kind!  Life is too short!  Thanks and hope to hear from some of you here!!

I've missed you all!!  Keep riding, my friends!   ;D


I'm here.  read my post lets see if we can get others back on

T hillrider

I everyone, now that I know the site is back up I'll be sure to stop by from time to time.  K very sorry on the passing of your husband. Life just is not fare. Hope your doing ok.
 So how do we get others back posting. always found this forum fun and was bummed when it went down.