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Started by rage-n renegade, Jul 29, 2023, 05:50 PM

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rage-n renegade

What does everyone have going on this summer?

I have taken a few trips back to Wisconsin to visit my mother and get a few things done around her house.  We also made a couple of casino runs up north for *therapy*.  lol   Turtle Lake, Hayward, Hinkley, MN...  I love driving around up there, it is such a beautiful area.

Now it is time to get some things done around my house.  Fall will be here before we know it.

Hope everyone is having a great summer!

rage-n renegade

Wow, no one here at all?  I've been busy with yard work and staining the shed.  The deck is next on this list, but I'm going to have to pressure wash that first.  :( 

I started the sleds a few weeks ago, well I should say one of the sleds... one seems to have a dead battery so I guess I need to get the charger on that. 

They are predicting a hard winter, I guess El Nino is coming back. What does everyone think? Seems they've been predicting bad winters for a few years now but we've had pretty mild winters the last few years here in NY.

rage-n renegade

Update:  Summer is over, fall is here.  I think we are right about in our peak color right now.  Leaves are starting to fall.  I managed to get the above listed items done over the summer, but there just always seems to be things that need to get done. :( Winter will be the time for some of the inside items.  I'm pretty slow at attacking projects these days.  ;) Oh well.

T hillrider

Hi again hope everyone is doing good this fall. Well I got all my fall work done including massive site work for a new barn/shop in the spring. Just registered the sleds and trailers and purchased all my snowmobile club memberships. I still have a clutch recall to get done on one of my sleds, but basically I'm ready for snow. Really hoping for a great winter. I have several rides mapped out that require good snow. One I have been wanting to do for a couple of years, leaving my house in NY (Oneida Lake) to visit my niece in Sodus. Not enough snow the last couple of years to do that but really hoping I can get it done this winter.   Chris


Sorry I am late to the party...
Summer for us consists of mowing and yard work(me) and tending to the veggie garden (Lynn) and jumping on the bikes whenever possible.
There are also home improvements and repairs...

Lynn's father passed in April so we have been busy with getting the estate in order and settled. Since it is an adjacent property and we will not be selling or renting (long term) until we are ready to sell our house and the rest of the property we have decided on short term rentals via VRBO (Vacation Rental By Owner). Lynn has been busy stripping wallpaper and doing drywall repairs while I am taking care of the exterior upgrades and repairs.
I am in the depth of my busy season for my business at this time so I am on the road working every day since October 3rd. I will finally get a break the week of Thanksgiving because I am taking a mid-season break. Then it is back to work until Christmas than I will take the week between Christmas and New Years off to recharge for late season service work.


I had to stop my snowmobiling season in early February last year, and have total knee replacement on February 13th. My knee is healing well and at nearly 100%. Hopefully it won't be painful anymore when I hit a big bump again. The reason for the knee replacement was bone on bone and inflammation, and old age.